What is beyond Om and Soham Mantra

Book: Sat Granth Sahib
Topic: Om and Soham Mantra
Author: Saint Garibdas Ji

Garib, Soham oopar aur hai, satsukrit ek naam |
Sab hanso ka baas hai, nahin basti nahin gaam ||
Soham mein the dhruv prhlada, Om Soham vaad vivaada |
Nama chhipa Om taari, peechhe Soham bhed vichaari |
Saar shabad paaya jad loi, aavaagavan bahur na hoi ||

Om Soham Mantra

In the aforesaid nectar-speech, the God-realised great soul Garibdas ji is stating that those, who are only limited to recitation (jaap) of Om and Soham mantra, are also in Kaal’s trap only. When Supreme God Kabir (KavirDev) comes in all the four yugas, He Himself describes the meaning of Om Soham mantras and impart its correct method of recitation. Moreover He also reveals the secret of Saar Shabad without which even the Om Soham mantras are futile.

This same Supreme God’s names in various yugas are as follows

  1. Satyug – Satsukrit (Rishi Satsukrit)
  2. Tretayug – Muninder (Rishi Muninder)
  3. Dwaparyug – Karunamay (Rishi Karunamay)
  4. Kalyug – In Kalyug He appears by His actual name KavirDev (Kabir Saheb).

When Supreme God KavirDev (Kabir) had come in Satyug as Rishi Satsukrit, He used to deliver the real knowledge, which was different, or in other words completely opposite to the knowledge delivered by the contemporary sages. There was a stark contrast between the knowledge given by Rishi Satsukrit and the sages of Satyug.

Knowledge given by Sages of Satyug

It is a fact that without the blessing of God Kabir one cannot understand the vedas completely. The sages of Satyug were in the same situation. Because the sages of Satyug could not properly understand the Vedas, they used to consider Om mantra to be that of Supreme God. Therefore they used to themselves recite the Om mantra and imparted it to their disciples. They used to denote Brahm (Kaal) only as Complete God (Purna Brahm).

Knowledge given by Rishi Satsukrit (Vamdev) in Satyug

Supreme God (Rishi Satsukrit) used to say that Brahm or Kaal is the master of only 21 Brahmands (multiverses). Above Brahm (Kaal) is another God called ParBrahm (master of 700 quadrillion brahmands), and above him is Purna Brahm (Supreme God), the Almighty God.

Due to their arrogance and poor knowledge, the sages of Satyug did not accept the knowledge given by Sage Satsukrit. They rather started calling Rishi Satsukrit, as Vamdev (Vamdev is a word used to address a person who delivers opposite knowledge). They made the name Vamdev so popular that everyone forgot the actual name Satsukrit, and started knowing Rishi Satsukrit by the prevalent alias name i.e. Vamdev.

God Kabir also imparted Mantras to Brahma, Vishnu Shiv, Narad and others

This same Supreme God Kabir met Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji and explained the transcendental knowledge (Tatvgyan) to them. The three Gods obtained the first mantra, but being overpowered by Kaal (Brahm) did not show interest in obtaining further mantra (i.e. Satnaam and Saarnaam). This very God also met Shri Narad etc. He also gave initiation to Shri Narad Ji. Rishi Satsukrit only gave ‘Soham’ mantra to Narad ji. Narad ji then also imparted this mantra to Dhruv and Prahlad, as a result of which they also remained in Kaal’s trap.

Supreme God Kabir, used to give one mantra (from the full first mantra) to the worshipper. Then seeing the devotee’s eagerness to attain the Purna Parmatma (Supreme God), used to give the actual mantra - Om + Tat (coded), which is known as Satnaam.

Narad Ji's Doubt

In case of Rishi Narad, when God Kabir (as Rishi Vamdev) explained the knowledge of True God and showed the path of correct worship to Narad Ji, Narad Ji showed intense interest. However, Rishi Narad still had doubts in his mind that, "till date no other sage–great sage has given any description of the Supreme God; who knows it is true or not. It is not wise to trust this one Mahatma". He had this feeling in his heart. He kept doing formality from outside. The All-knowing Supreme God Satsukrit alias Vamdev Ji did not give the actual mantra (Om + Tat) to Maharishi Narad Ji. He only gave Soham mantra to Narad Ji and on his request, gave him permission to impart only one mantra (Soham).

If someone takes initiation from an authorised saint who is a worshipper of Brahm, then Kaal (Brahm) sends him to the fake (false) Satlok built in Brahmlok (Kaal Lok). There he grants them higher posts. On depletion of the earnings of the recitation of Soham mantra, based on their deeds, hell and the sufferings in the life forms of various species on the Earth are maintained.

The worshippers of the recitation of Om mantra go to Great Heaven (Mahaswarg) built in Brahmlok, and then after enjoying the comforts of heaven remain in the vicious cycle of birth–death and hell. A devotee who worships by obtaining the Satnaam of two mantras, in which one is Om mantra + Tat mantra (is a secret) from me (Sant Rampal Ji), and does not become worthy of obtaining the third (Sat') mantra and dies, that devotee will not fall in the hands of Kaal. Supreme God Kavir' Dev has built such a place in Brahmand about which neither Kaal knows nor any other Brahmadik. That devotee goes in that Lok. There he keeps getting all the comforts and benefits from the Supreme God. The earnings of Satnaam of the devotee are not depleted. Then, when a True-bhakti yug comes, the Supreme God grants human bodies to those pious souls on the basis of the previous earnings of Satnaam (True Naam). Whatever earnings one had gained, based on that one keeps getting consecutive human births. It is also possible that he may find a Purna Sant (Complete Saint) sometime. As a result of which, his bhakti will soon start and will be saved from acquiring bodies of different life-forms and from falling in hell. But salvation is still pending. Without salvation, even the jaap of Satnaam or only Soham mantra proves useless.

God Kabir gave Soham & Satnam Mantra to Namdev Ji

Similarly, Namdev Sahib Ji was earlier contented considering Om mantra to be the actual and final mantra of worship of God. Then he met Complete God Kavir Dev (Kabir Saheb), who explained the Tatvgyan to him. Seeing Namdev Ji’s devotion, God gave him only Soham mantra. Then after a long time, seeing Namdev Ji’s absolute devotion and eagerness to attain God, gave him Satnaam all over again adding Om' + Tat' mantra. And thereafter, gave Saarnaam (Sat shabad), which has also been called 'Saar Shabad'. In this way, Namdev Sahib Ji became fully liberated. The devotees regard Namdev Ji as a worshipper of only Brahm based on his speech compiled prior to this.

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