Sins of Committing Adultery, Consuming Alcohol, Meat and Tobacco

Garib, pardwara stri ka kholae | sattar janm andha ho dolae ||1
Madira peevae kadva paani | sattar janm shwaan ke jaani ||2
Maans aahaari manva, pratyaksh rakshas jaan | mukh dekho na taas ka, vo firae chaurasi khaan ||3
Surapaan madya maansahaari | gaman karae bhogae par naari ||4
Sattar janm katat hain sheesham | sakshi Saheb hain JagdishM ||5
Sau naari jaari karae, surapan sau baar | ek chilam hukka bharae, doobae kaali dhaar ||6
Hukka hardam peevtae, laal milaave dhoor | ismein sanshay hai nahin, janm peechhle soor ||7

Meaning of the aforesaid speeches: -

It has been stated in Speech no. 1 that a man, who develops illegitimate relationship with another woman, acquires seventy births of a blind due to that sin. He suffers in seventy consecutive births of blind donkey (male-female), blind ox, blind man or blind woman.

Speech no. 2: - A person, who drinks bitter alcohol-like water, suffers in seventy consecutive births of a dog due to that sin. He drinks water from filthy gutters. When he does not get bread, he eats faeces.

Speech no. 3: - Those people who eat meat are clearly demons. One should not even see their face, that is, a person others can also start eating meat in their company. Therefore, beware of them. They will wander in the births of 84 lakh types of living beings.

Speech no. 4-5: - Those, who eat meat as well as who (paan) drink (Sura) alcohol, and practice adultery, have to bear the punishment of other sinful deeds as well. They are beheaded for seventy births in the lives of billy goats, goats, buffaloes, rooster-chickens etc. I am saying this keeping God as the witness. Consider it to be true.

Speech no. 6: - Now listen to the sin incurred by that person who prepares a chilam for those who smoke hukka. A person, who practices adultery once, who drinks alcohol once, and who eats meat once, bears the above-mentioned suffering. The sin that a person, who practices adultery hundred times and who drinks alcohol hundred times, incurs is the sin incurred by the person who prepares chilam once for a hukka smoker. Just think, how much sin will that person incur who himself consumes tobacco (in hukka, beedi, cigarette, or eats it)? Therefore, never consume any of the aforesaid substances.

Speech no. 7: - Some individuals on seeing the people of the society start smoking hukka or consuming other intoxicating substances. If on listening to the satsang, they quit the evil habit, then they were human beings in the previous birth as well. They do not develop an addiction to intoxication. But those who even after repeatedly listening to the satsang cannot give up tobacco or other intoxication; they were in the life of a pig in the previous life. Because of smelling bad odor in the life of a pig, they have an addiction to smelling the bad smell of tobacco. They are unable to quit hukka or other intoxication quickly. They are destroying their precious human life. They are advised to listen more to the satsang. They should not despair. By praying with a true heart to God Kabir to enable one to quit intoxication, one is able to give up all kinds of intoxication.

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