Sat Granth Sahib

Sat Granth Sahib is a Holy Scripture which is a compilation of speeches uttered by Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj. The knowledge was imparted to Sant Garib Das ji by Supreme God Kabir. 

The word 'speech' is referred to as 'Bani' or 'Vani' in North Indian regional languages and therefore this Sat Granth Sahib is also addressed as Bani of Garib Das Ji Maharaj.

  • Bani (Punjabi) = Speech
  • Vani (Hindi) = Speech

It contains around 7000 verses, and contains the most treasured knowledge about the attainment of Supreme God Kabir and His eternal home Satlok (Sachkhand). It also gives detalied authentic accounts of prominent religions of the Indian Subcontinent (Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism etc), various Gods and Goddesses such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv, Goddess Durga, eminent saints, prophets etc. and other Holy scriptures such as Vedas, Puranas, Quran, Ramyana, Mahabharata etc.

Is Sat Granth Sahib different to Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

Yes, Sat Granth Sahib is an entirely different scripture. Sri Guru Granth Sahib is a Holy Scripture pertaining to Sikhism which was compiled by Guru Arjan Dev ji (5th Guru) and later on by Guru Gobind Singh ji (10th Guru). It contains speeches of various sikh gurus along with some saints like God Kabir, Ravidas ji, Baba Farid etc. 

Sat Granth Sahib on the other hand is a text containing speeches of Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj. It was written in the 17th century. 

Getting initiated by a Complete Saint in True Kabir Panth (currently Sant Rampal Ji) is the one and only way to achieve liberation (moksha). There is no other way to attain moksha.

Who was Sant Garib Das Ji

Sant Garib Das Ji was a pious soul who hailed from Village Chhudani, District Jhajjar, in Haryana. he was born in 1717AD. When he was 10 years old, God Kabir descended from his eternal abode Satlok (Sachkhand) and met child Garib Das ji. God Kabir first initiated child Garib Das ji and then took him to Satlok and showed him around. God Kabir also imparted his superiormost, divine knowledge to child Garibdas Ji. When child Garibdas ji started uttering those eye witnessed accounts of Satlok in form of couplets and speeches, the villagers could not grasp it. Rather they started addressing Garibdas ji as a lunatic. One of the most significant banis of Garib Das Ji is as follows.

Anant koti brahmand ka ek rati nahin bhaar
Satguru Purush Kabir hain kul ke sirjanhaar

How was Sat Granth Sahib written?

Three years later, a learned man named Gopal Das visited village Chuddani. Gopal Das ji was initiated in Dadu Panth. The villagers took child Garibdas ji to Gopal Das ji thinking that he might be able to suggest a solution for his mental illness. As Gopal Das ji and Garib Das ji started conversing, Gopal Das realised that the speeches that child Garib Das ji was uttering contained the most profound knowledge. He therefore requested child Garibdas ji to get these speeches written, to which Garib Das ji agreed. It then took Gopal Das ji six months to write the full scripture. Sat under a tree, 13 year old child Garib Das ji spoke and Gopal Das ji wrote all the speeches in real time.

This Holy Scripture is now available in the form of Sat Granth Sahib. It is also called as Bani of Garib Das Ji Maharaj or Granth Sahib of Garib Das ji.  

  • Granth = Scripture

Language of Sat Granth Sahib

Sat Granth Sahib was originally written in Hindi Language. It is still available in the same Hindi text. However, the speeches that Sant Garib Das ji spoke have words from various languages such as Sanskrit, Punjabi, Arabic, Farsi etc. 

The Holy text Sat Granth Sahib has various chapters

What does Sat Granth Sahib contain?

The Sat Granth Sahib Garib Das Ji Maharaj contains cardinal knowledge about Supreme God. It gives knowledge about every aspect of God, His creation, His eternal abode Satlok (Sachkhand) and the way to achieve it. It gives knowledge about creation of universe. It tells the importance of a Complete Saint. It also has detailed information about Kaal Brahm, Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv. It tells the true unknown accounts of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It give true detalied accounts of various prominent Hindu saints. Apart from this it gives a gist of other holy scriptures such as the Vedas, Puranas, Quran etc. It gives knowledge about other religions such as Prophet Muhammad and Islam. It gives directions to human beings on how to lead their life if they aim to achieve liberation. 

Liberation is not possible by worshipping Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv, Durga, Mahavir Jain, Gautam Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Jesus etc. or by following Quran, Purana, Bible etc.

Contents of the 4 Vedas

Rig Veda – It has 'stutis' Praise of God, knowledge up to Kaal Niranjan. It contains 10 mandals, 8 ashtaks, 64 adhyay, 85 anuvaak, 1028 sukt, 1024 varg, 10552 mantras and 253792 shabad. It has 209 deities and 354 rishis as participants. 

Yajur Veda – It is a veda of Yagya. It contains 'Karm Kand'. It has 40 adhyay, 1975 mantras and 90525 shabad. It has detailed information about karmas and yagyas.

Sam Veda – It is a veda of 'Upasna' and 'Sadhna'. It contains knowledge up to Kaal Niranjan. It contains 27 adhyay, 87 saam and 1875 mantras. Sam has two parts - Purvachik and Utrachik.

Atharva Veda – It has description about gains from sadhna as a result of which a worshipper can find out the level of his sadhna. It contains 20 Kaand, 25 prakathak anuvaak, 760 sukt, 731 varg, 5977 mantras.

In total the 4 vedas have 20389 mantras.

There are 1131 branches of the four vedas out of which there are 21 for Rig Veda, 101 for Yajurveda, 1000 for Samveda and 9 for Rigveda.

Sat Granth Sahib and the Four Vedas

The Sat Granth Sahib of Garib Das ji has 24000 mantras. It is the fifth veda or the Sukshm Veda.

A reader of the 4 vedas can never escape the torment of yamdoots. 

Garib Das ji says:- Jo nar charo ved kathante dekhein yam ki jaali 
bhairon ne raksha na kinhi na khetarpal rakhwali

i.e. the readers of the 4 vedas remain in the web of Kaal.

Fifth Veda | Sukshm Veda

The knowledge given by Supreme God Kabir is referred to as the Fifth Veda or the Sukshm Veda. God Kaal in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita chapter 4, verse 32 says that various religious acts / activities have been described by the God himself (through his mouth) in his speech (vani). 

This speech has been referred to as the Fifth Veda or the Sukshm Ved. To clarify it further God Kaal in Bhagavad Gita chapter 4, verse 34 says that only a Tatvadarshi Sant (God realised saint) will give you the complete knowledge about the Supreme God. 

Gita 4.32

Evam’, bahuvidhaH, yagyaH, vitataaH, brahmanH, mukhe,
Karmjaan’, viddhi, taan’, sarvaan’, evam’, gyaatva, vimokshyase ||32||

There are various types of scripture-based religious activities like this. You may know them all as yagyas being performed through actions. In this way they have been elaborately explained in the fifth Veda i.e. Sukshm Veda by the Supreme God through His lotus-mouth. Knowing this you will become completely liberated.

What is Garibdas Sect or Garib Dassi Sect?

The followers of Garib Das Ji Maharaj are addressed as Garib Dassi and the sect is called as Garibdas sect. It originated from Chhudani in Haryana but also propagated to Punjab in India. There are various branches of this sect, all of which revere the Holy text Sat Granth Sahib. 

Is Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj related to Garib Das Sect?

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj was initiated by his Guru Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj who was from the Garib Das Ji lineage. As Garib Das Ji was initiated by God Kabir, in effect Garib Das sect is also Kabir Panth (followers of God Kabir). 

Complete Saint Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Satguru who has explained the complete scripture and brought forth the true meanings of the speeches. Satguru Rampal Ji also imparts the true naam (initiation) of God Kabir and thus makes His disciples worthy of attaining liberation and reaching Satlok (Sachkhand).

A human being can only attain liberation (moksha) by worshipping God Kabir after getting initiated by a Complete Saint (Sant Rampal Ji)